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KHUJII: White bear hoodie [REVIEW – Sponsored]

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(NOTE: It looks like Khujii has disappeared. I don’t know why, it was all of a sudden. I’ll delete this note when it’s okay again, if that ever happens. I’m so sad because for the first time I was being successful in a sponsorship… y__y Sorry guys ;-; )

Hi everyone! This is my first review on this blog, I hope it’s useful to you ^-^


                2015-10-10-15-09-32_deco          2015-10-10-15-08-55_deco

This jacket is from Khujii. It’s so cute! I was so happy when I opened the package~ It arrived fast (3 weeks approximately) and safe. The packet looked like a cushion haha.


                 IMG_20151010_143429               IMG_20151010_143817
It’s 100% cotton made and SUPER SOFT. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I want to hug it forever ;^; ♥ About size, it’s one size fits all. For me, it looks baggy and a little too big (but I love it this way, looks cuter~). These are the measurements:

• Bust: 90 cm
• Length: 65 cm
• Shoulder: 45 cm 
• Sleeve: 60 cm

100%コットン製ですよ。そしてめっちゃソフトなわ~!!本当に!大好きな ♡ フリーサイズがあります。私にちょっと大きしぎるが、そのままで大好きです(もっと可愛いと思います!)。測定は上に。↑

             IMG_20151010_143552        IMG_20151010_143606

I’m in love with this hoodie ♥ The ears are bigger than I thought though, but I’ll usually wear the hoodie down so no problem. Besides, the zipper is rough so you have to be careful when you open or close it. Apart from those two little things, this jacket is perfect. Super cute and sooooo comfy! And very warm, perfect for the winter! Totally worth its price.


                 2015-10-10-15-10-13_deco              2015-10-10-15-11-15_deco

You can buy this hoodie and many more cute things at Khujii! Shipping is FREE worldwide and you can get a 10% off using the code Cristisaurus at checkout.

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you liked it! Happy shopping~!





Author: Cristisaurus

Beginner fashion blogger and reviewer! ☆ Lover of Japanese cute stuff and clothes ♡

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