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SPREEPICKY – Cosplay/Lolita Lace Stockings [REVIEW]


Hi guys! I’m here again, with another review~!


I wasn’t planning on writing a review next, honestly; but this is important (?). Spreepicky is selling tights 40% off for a week! Use the code tights40 at checkout (only available until October 26). So I’ll review a pair of tights I bought some months ago to show you what a wonderful store it is :DD (More information about Spreepicky at the end of the post!)

Spreepicky40%OFFタイツを売っています!コード tights40 をCheckoutに使って(10月26日まで)。そうですから、Spreepickyよりの買ったタイツのレビューをしたかったです。いくぜ~!^w^(Spreepickyについて、ポストの終わりに!)


I wanted to buy some tights for my maid cosplay and these were PERFECT! I’m very happy with them ♡ The shipping only took 2 weeks (I was surprised, I thought it would take more!) and they came in perfect conditions, inside a bubble wrap package~


It was also included a super cute hand-written card (they called me sweetie teehee~ (*/ω\*) and a couple earrings as a gift! I didn’t expect that and I think it was really cute! (*^▽^*)


2015-02-11-16-21-23_deco IMG_20150211_155047 IMG_20150211_155117 IMG_20150211_155109

The stockings are really comfy! They may seem very thin but they’re not,they have the perfect thickness. It may also seem that they’ll fall easily, or that the little black cords are very fragile; but again, they’re not! They stay where they have to and don’t fall at all (in the photos I’m wearing them a little shorther than the really are, maybe 3-4 cm or so). The cords are really long so maybe I’ll cut them a little, but better more than less! They look really cute and they’re perfect for a lolita outfit or a maid cosplay o((*^▽^*))o

タイツはとても快適な!薄そうが、じゃないです。非常によく調整、落ちらないよ!いいですよ ^^めっちゃ可愛いですね!!♡

It was my first time ordering from Spreepicky and I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I’m ordering from them again for sure! ♡
Also, they have a 3 for 2 offer in tights, so go and order yours right now! I ordered my stockings with a friend using this offer and it turns out really cheap if you split costs! That’s my tip ^-^

最初買いものでした。本当に満足しました!そして、タイツに「3 For 2」オファーあります。とても便利です!:D

                IMG_20150211_162823                  IMG_20150211_162750

You can buy these tights and LOTS of other super cute stuff at Spreepicky! Clothes, accessories, shoes… Just take a look, you’ll fall in love~! :3

Spreepickyにたくさん可愛い物があります!見てくださいね~ ^^


Thank you very much for reading and I hope it was helpful to you! See you~ ^0^

読むありがとうございます!またね~ ☆

      IMG_20150930_210623           2015-09-30-20-16-15_deco

Perfect for a maid costume, I told you! :DD I love them so much :_ ♥


Author: Cristisaurus

Beginner fashion blogger and reviewer! ☆ Lover of Japanese cute stuff and clothes ♡

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