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Spreepicky wishlist – Winter


Hello everyone! Today I’m showing you my Spreepicky wishlist ^-^ This one is for winter items, in no particular order. Don’t know what to buy for this winter? Check these~ :DD (Click the [X] to go to the product’s page)


Mori cardigan

Mori style is not my favorite, but I really like this simple and long cardigan; it gives a relaxed and chill vibe (?). I love wearing baggy/long sweaters because I look smaller and I find that specially cute~ ;v; ♥ [X]

Kawaii bunny set

I’m not sure if this set would look good on me but I’m weak on pastel colors :’> Maybe too ‘pure’ for me but I like it anyways! Plus, the bunny hair accessory (included) looks very cute and funny ^^ [X]



Fleece navy coat

This coat looks so warm and soft that I’d probably never take it off~ It’s very basic and simple so you can coordinate it pretty easily! :3 The quality seems to be super good, it’s really worth it if you ask me :] [X]



Elegant platform boots

Look at theeeese! ;0; They’re so pretty!! I’m not used at all to heels and I’d probably fall off and break my head, but I really want this pair of boots :’3 The pink ones are my favorite! ♥ (Watermarked photo is from @fetsu) [X]


Animal fleece long socks

SO CUTE AND WARM~ ;^; I own a pair of fleece long socks and believe me, they feel like you put your leg inside a cloud (?). They’re SUPER soft and warm, it’s so nice ♥ And these are perfect for a winter outfit~ [X]



Donuts hoodie

I really love colorful clothes and this hoodie looks super cute! It’s also longer than normal hoodies so that makes it 60% better~ :> (Watermarked photo is from @sarawf2) [X]



Pink long coat

I’ve been looking for some time now a coat of this kind and this one is super cute :’D I love the color and the bow detail! I think it’d be super easy to coordinate it with my clothes and make a pastel/pure themed outfit. And maybe coordinate it with the pink platform boots too! [X]



Woolen sailor coat

I love this coat so much I’m going to die :’0 *drama*. It’s so pretty and cute! I loooove uniform styled clothes, this would look perfect with a pair of tight thighs :3 It also looks very warm! And maybe if it’s not too cold, you may even wear it as a dress! Aaaahhhh I really want it…~~ 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。 [X]


Open-chest kitty sweater

This high collar sweater is the cutest! :’3 I was a little worried because my chest is very small and I thought it wouldn’t look good on me, but I saw some photos of girls like me wearing it and it doesn’t look bad at all! It looks more like cute than sexy, I prefer it that way ^-^ So please don’t worry if you don’t have a big chest size! Don’t let your body determine what you can wear or not, if you like it go ahead! ♥ 😀 [X]


(You have a cheaper version of this sweater here; please notice that the quality is not the same. Just a little tip if you’re short on money like me ;w; )


♪ ╭(°ㅂ°)╮╰(°ㅂ°)╯╭(°ㅂ°)╮╰(°ㅂ°)╯ ♫


Oooookay! So that was it! I hope you liked my wishlist and that it helped you with your winter shopping and/or Christmas gifts~ (^▽^) ♪

At first I wasn’t very happy with this entry… But I think it’s okay now? I don’t know, but I’m more satisfied than when I began, so I’m okay ;v; If you have any tip for me, please tell me in the comments so I can improve! ♥
I’ll make more wishlists in the future, from different shops and separated by seasons/type of clothes or style. Please stay tuned!

I hope you liked this entry ♡ See you soon~! Byeeee! :DD


Author: Cristisaurus

Beginner fashion blogger and reviewer! ☆ Lover of Japanese cute stuff and clothes ♡

5 thoughts on “Spreepicky wishlist – Winter

  1. I love the boots, they are so beautiful. The cardigan is also very nice and looks comfy too x

    I’m hosting a Kawaii stationary giveaway from Blippo, click here if you’d like to enter – http://bit.ly/1Ky5UTy


  2. I really like this article, you did a great job C:


  3. I loved this post! The fleece navy coat is beautiful. I only recently learnt about spree picky but I love it!

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