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猫の日! – Cats Day! 🐾

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He-llooooo everyone! Well, this is an improvised post to be honest; I woke up today and saw that it’s supposed to be Cats Day? I’ve seen several different dates for Cats Day but I’ll go with it. So I thought about showing you a little cat/inspired outfit I like a lot ^-^

こんばんはー!今日は「猫の日」ですね。ほかの日と思いました...まぁ、いいですよ!今日猫テーマのコーデを見えたかった ^^とても好き!


☆ SweaterStradivarius

☆ SkirtStradivarius

☆ Cat tights(Manga convention / internet)

☆ BootsInside

☆ AccesoriesBlanco


Here’s a close-up of the necklace! クローズアップこれ!




When it’s cold I wear a black scarf too :]

(I’m sorry for the low quality of the photos; most of them were taken before my phone broke so it’s all I have :c)

I really love cats and I like to show it, yes yes~ :33 This is a quick, improvised post as I said; I have other posts in mind that will come (I hope) soon. I hope you enjoyed it! Long live kitties! :DD

猫が本当に大好きねw みなさんも? ^^ じゃぁ、またにゃ~!11246228_1678937722325641_707537274_n


Check this and other outfits on my LookBook!


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Beginner fashion blogger and reviewer! ☆ Lover of Japanese cute stuff and clothes ♡

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