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KLENSPOP: Keizen Brown & Keizen Gray [REVIEW – Sponsored]

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Hi everyone! Glad to bring a new reiew to the blog finally :’D Sorry that it took so long (。>ㅅ<。)💦 Reviews are tougher to make and I didn’t want to rush it.

Here we are with another Klenspop color lenses review! (Remember to use the code R9LAF9SP for a 10% off discount ^-^) This time, two colors of the same brand: Keizen Brown and Keizen Gray. Let’s go! (`•∀•´) ✨





Using Period

6 months

Water Contect


NOTE: characteristics are the same for both pairs.

As always, first let’s see how the package was :>

The vials came inside little boxes as you can see, and were very well wrapped in bubble plastic. This time lens cases were not included (because they were promoted I presume), but good thing I have tons of cases at home!
I recommend always having some, just in case :3 Some contacts solution bottles come with a case, that’s were I get mine (and believe me, I have LOTS of them, I don’t know where to put them :____ ).
The prescription is written at the top of the vessels, as always (and the color too).

Here they are! They look A LOT alike, super similar, so I’ll clarify which lenses are which, just in case ^-^


Keizen Gray


Keizen Brown

Do you see the difference? Here’s a comparison of both:

LEFT: Keizen Gray — RIGHT: Keizen Brown


☆ Let’s start with Keizen Brown!


I’m horrible at making these, SORRY ||||OTL

The bad thing about these lenses is that the brown tone is almost identical to the little brown-ish part of my original eyes, so it looks weird :< But I think they’ll look fine in any other eyes.


☆ And now with Keizen Gray ~


These look better because the tones are more similar, at least in my eyes! They still have a little brown in the center, so they look more natural.


· Enlargement: ♥♥♥♡♡
These lenses are not the biggest you’ll find but they definitely make your eyes look bigger; the dark color helps, but the black ring is not very thick nor marked, so it’s kind of balanced. Your eyes will stand out for sure :3

· Color & design: ♥♥♡♡♡
☆ Brown: As I said before, I have a problem with these lenses because my original eyes have a little brown-ish part around the pupil, which looks almost like the lenses brown; so they look kinda weird for me :c But I’m pretty sure they’ll look better in other eyes! That’s just my personal opinion too ^^
☆ Gray: I prefer these ones; the gray is very soft and transitions pretty well, and looks cuter in my opinion ^0^ They still have a little brown tone so they’re not just plain gray, I think that’s a good point a makes them more natural.

In both pairs the design is the same and the colors don’t stand out very much themselves (it’s the size that does). The two pais look really similar, so unless you think one will look better than the other in your eyes, I don’t think the difference really matters. Still, it’s up to you!

· Comfort: ♥♥♥♥♡
Both lenses are pretty comfortable. It may burn a liiiittle at the beginning but just for a minute or so (also my eyes are usually sensitive and tired so I’m sure it’s just me :____ ). Maybe not for an all-day wear, but I don’t think there’s any problem in wearing them for several hours.

These lenses are good for a dolly-like but still natural look. The colors are subtle but the elargement gives balance, and they sure make your eyes stand out! I’m not a big fan of brown lenses so that also affects my opinion, but if you’re used to dark/brown lenses I’d give them a try! :3


Remember to use the code R9LAF9SP for a 10% OFF!

That’s all for now! It’s super late and I should sleep (´・ωゞ)

So, good night it is! Bye bye and see you soon! (๑˙³˙)ノ ~♡


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