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SYNDROMESTORE: Black and White Bow Dress ðŸŽ€

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Hellooooo~! Cris here, with a new dress from Syndromestore!

This dress has been in my wishlist since the first time I saw it, and it’s finally mine!! ♡

☆  Use the code CRISTISAURUS to get 7’5% off  ☆
☆ when buying from Syndrome! ☆

Here it is *\(๑•ω•๑)/*


This dress will look beautiful with a pair of black high heels! I have ones with a little bow above the toes that match perfectly ♡ ;v;

Here are some close-ups:

And some details as well:

The material wasn’t what I expected, but it feels very nice. It’s rather thin so I’d say this is more of an autumn dress ^-^

The only negative things I have to say is that:

  1. I think it looks a little too big on me despite being an S size (the only size available), and
  2. The bow doesn’t look very nice as it doesn’t stand straight.

But overall I like this dress a lot and I’m happy that I finally got it (o^^o)

About the packaging, I ordered one more thing (surprise surprise!) and they both came in the same package, separated in transparent plastic bags. They came safe and well (although they reeeeally needed ironing!!).

And that’s all! Short post today, but I think it’s enough, isn’t it (๑´ㅂ`๑)


Thank you very much for reading! See you~ ♡

( ´ ³`)ノ ~♡


Author: Cristisaurus

Beginner fashion blogger and reviewer! ☆ Lover of Japanese cute stuff and clothes ♡

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