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SPREEPICKY: Cat sailor T-shirt

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Hello guys~! I’m back again with a new little review of a t-shirt from Spreepicky, the last one from the 3 t-shirts order I made Ω©(ΰΉ‘β€’βˆ€β€’ΰΉ‘)ΫΆ (along with the cat hoodie and the panda t-shirt).

This one is a cat-themed sailor style t-shirt, and it was love at first sight! Keep reading to get the product link and see more pics (ΰΉ‘Λ™Β³Λ™)οΎ‰ο½žβ™‘


This t-shirt is one-size and it’s available only in white, as I show you here. The fabric is rather thick (thicker than I expected), so I think this is the perfect time to wear it before de cold weather arrives (q>γ……<q)πŸ’¦ Buy it here β™‘

Here you have some close-ups and details!

I didn’t like at all the white cat in the chest; it looks way too big in my opinion, so I un-sewed it super easily with a pair of scissors. It’s very simple and easy, here you have a couple pics as a little guide:

I think it looks better without it, but this is up to you of course! :3 I just wanted to give you this possibility and show you that you can remove it with no problem if you’re careful ^-^


Besides that, I really love this t-shirt and it looks great with a navy seifuku skirt to “complete” the sailor set! If you want a really cheap seifuku, you can get it from Spreepicky too here. Full set and 9 colors to choose! You really should check it out (●˙▽˙●) Short sleeve version (and even more cheap) here.

Welp, I think that’s all! I hope you liked these three t-shirts I’ve shown you. I really love cute animal themed clothes as you can see q(*^β–½^*)γ‚ž

β˜† Spreepicky has international FREE shipping for orders over 15$ β˜†
Happy shopping!


See you in the next post! Bye bye~! β™‘ ( *’ω’* )



Author: Cristisaurus

Beginner fashion blogger and reviewer! β˜† Lover of Japanese cute stuff and clothes β™‘

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