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Cat themed clothes 🐈 (WINTER)

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CATS!! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Hola everyone~ Happy December! ⛄️❄️

Today’s entry it’s all about cats!! ((o(*゚▽゚*)o)) I love cute clothes, I love cats… And I love them mixed! (・v・)

If you still don’t know what to get for Christmas, check this post out 🎄 Warm and cute clothes for this winter, from Spreepicky, Syndrome and CuteHarajuku!! Click each picture to go to the product’s page, and don’t forget the discount codes (๑・ω-)~☆ Let’s go~!!



Neko Atsume cloak!! This was love at first sight, I can’t even (;ω;) I love the orange one but you can get it in gray too, wich is super cute as well ;u;


Another cloak that stole my heart is this pink one ♡ I love that it has sleeves because I don’t think I can operate properly without them (?)


Navy coats are the best; add some embroidered paws and you got me 乁(・∀・乁)


I may have experienced a heart attack when I saw this the first time. Onesies are one of my weakness, and this looks so so SO SO SO SOFT I’m melting just thinking about it :_____ I want to wear this 24/7 and be a fluffy huggable cloud (?) (✿ ´ ꒳ ` ) 〜♡


This shirt looks rather thin but I liked it a lot so I wanted to include it here! I’d love to coordinate it with a brown skirt… Keep reading~ :>


Ahh this is a classic at this point! I feel like the only person who doesn’t have this :’D I think I’d choose the white one! ☆


Simple and warm looking sweatshirt for casual coords ^-^ You have a hooded version and another color as well (but a little bit more expensive).


Call an ambulance please 🚑🚨 (?) THIS SET is too much, I love it  (;ω;) And this comes from someone who loves mini skirts! But despite being long, I reaaaally like it ♥


Heeey remember this!? I have the short sleeve version! It looks as good, and it may be as thin too so it’s not very warm, but I wanted to include it too ♪ ^-^


logo-syndUse the code CRISTISAURUS for a 7’5% OFF discount



Neko Atsume strikes again, with a SUUUUPER FLUFFY looking jacket!! This looks so soft and comfy~ Ahh (๑´ㅂ`๑)


I really like this coordinate  ❤ They sell the sweatshirt only, but I’m hoping they complete the set because it looks awesome! ◌ 。˚✩


Another navy coat with a little kitty as a pocket ฅ^•ω•^ฅ This looks reaaaally warm, look at that wool *^* Available in pink and black too!


Well now, this is not really my style at all but I thought it looked pretty cool ☆ I might like to wear it if I could :33 I think the sleeves are detachable :0


I like this jacket for a casual style coord and it looks big, I love big jackets! Sadly it’s sold out at this very moment (but check it out anyways, you never know!).


Very simple and cute sweatshirt, they have 3 different designs! It looks pretty warm  ❤


✩˚。 ◌ CUTEHARAJUKU ◌ 。˚✩

Use the code CRISTISAURUS for a 10% OFF discount


I actually ordered this!! ٩(๑>∀<๑)۶♪ I liked it a lot when I saw it and couldn’t resist~ Wait for my review soon! When the Spanish post service decides when will they finally bring me my parcel………. Thank u :)) 💢


I never wear these colors, but I really liked this jacket honestly ❤️ It’s very comfy-looking right? :’D


Very simple design, but I like it a lot hahaha :> Available in dark blue and pink as well; I can’t decide which one I like more :33


WELL! That was it! Do you like kitty themed clothes as much as I do~? 🐈

Sorry for the kinda edgy (?) comments hahahaha I hope you could feel my passion :>

I wish I can help you with your Christmas shopping! 🎄🎁
Treat yourself with some cat stuff (`ω´)

Thank you very much for visiting my blog!
I hope you liked it  ❤
See you soon!! ☆



Author: Cristisaurus

Beginner fashion blogger and reviewer! ☆ Lover of Japanese cute stuff and clothes ♡

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