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KLENSPOP: Ellen Panda Brown [REVIEW – Sponsored]

Hello everyone!! ^0^ First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR~!
Thank you very much for staying with me these months. Creating this blog was a big step for me and I’m trying my best to improve and get better. Let’s make this 2016 great! :DD

こんにちはみなさん!久しぶりね ^^まず、明けましておめでとう~!!
今年もよろしくお願いします ♪ そしてブログを読むつづけてくださいね!!♡

Today I bring you a pair of color lenses from Klenspop! They’re ‘Ellen Panda Brown‘~ (You have a discount code at the end of the post ^-^)



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KHUJII: White bear hoodie [REVIEW – Sponsored]

(NOTE: It looks like Khujii has disappeared. I don’t know why, it was all of a sudden. I’ll delete this note when it’s okay again, if that ever happens. I’m so sad because for the first time I was being successful in a sponsorship… y__y Sorry guys ;-; )

Hi everyone! This is my first review on this blog, I hope it’s useful to you ^-^


                2015-10-10-15-09-32_deco          2015-10-10-15-08-55_deco

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