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SPREEPICKY: knee-socks (3 for 2)

Hi everyone! New review of Spreepicky today~ (。・ω・。)ノ♡

I bought all these knee-socks by their “3 for 2” sale, it was really worth it! ♪ I don’t know if they still have that  offer though ;-; I got them like a year ago, I procrastinated this too much :_

Here you have all that came in the package ^-^ They always include a little gift ❤

Here are the socks! I really love them and the quality is so nice ♡ They don’t fall off and are pretty warm :33

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🎃 Halloween sale in PinkyParadise 🦇

Quick post! Deleting once the offer ends~

PinkyParadise is holding a huge sale this month! This offer includes all yearly lenses, which are the vast majority in their website ^-^

🎃 Use the code CRISTISAURUS50 to get a 50% OFF your order 🦇

Code available until the 31st of October; don’t miss it!


If you don’t know PinkyParadise: they’re one of the most famous websites of selling color lenses, they have a huge diversity of colors and designs, and they also sell them with prescription! So you can see well while wearing them ^-^

In case you’re nervous about your order arriving at time for Halloween, you can take advantage of the 50% off sale to choose a faster shipping method!

I hope this helped you ♡ (๑•∀•๑)

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ハッピーメイドの日!♡ Happy Maids Day!

Yesterday (May 10th) it was Maids Day! (^0^)/ ♡

☆ Wanna know why?
In Japanese, the number 10 can be read as “juu” but also “tō”. May tō, mei to, meido, maid! There are lots of special days that are “decided” similarly too, thanks to the various ways of reading Japanese numbers. A little weird, but very interesting and original too! :DD

» 日本語で

Anyways, I wanted to show you my new maid dress! Here it is~


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