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ハッピーメイドの日!♡ Happy Maids Day!

Yesterday (May 10th) it was Maids Day! (^0^)/ ♡

☆ Wanna know why?
In Japanese, the number 10 can be read as “juu” but also “tō”. May tō, mei to, meido, maid! There are lots of special days that are “decided” similarly too, thanks to the various ways of reading Japanese numbers. A little weird, but very interesting and original too! :DD

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Anyways, I wanted to show you my new maid dress! Here it is~


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SPREEPICKY – Cosplay/Lolita Lace Stockings [REVIEW]

Hi guys! I’m here again, with another review~!


I wasn’t planning on writing a review next, honestly; but this is important (?). Spreepicky is selling tights 40% off for a week! Use the code tights40 at checkout (only available until October 26). So I’ll review a pair of tights I bought some months ago to show you what a wonderful store it is :DD (More information about Spreepicky at the end of the post!)

Spreepicky40%OFFタイツを売っています!コード tights40 をCheckoutに使って(10月26日まで)。そうですから、Spreepickyよりの買ったタイツのレビューをしたかったです。いくぜ~!^w^(Spreepickyについて、ポストの終わりに!)


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