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Cat themed clothes 🐈 (WINTER)

CATS!! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

Hola everyone~ Happy December! ⛄️❄️

Today’s entry it’s all about cats!! ((o(*゚▽゚*)o)) I love cute clothes, I love cats… And I love them mixed! (・v・)

If you still don’t know what to get for Christmas, check this post out 🎄 Warm and cute clothes for this winter, from Spreepicky, Syndrome and CuteHarajuku!! Click each picture to go to the product’s page, and don’t forget the discount codes (๑・ω-)~☆ Let’s go~!!



Neko Atsume cloak!! This was love at first sight, I can’t even (;ω;) I love the orange one but you can get it in gray too, wich is super cute as well ;u;


Another cloak that stole my heart is this pink one ♡ I love that it has sleeves because I don’t think I can operate properly without them (?)

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Spreepicky wishlist – Winter

Hello everyone! Today I’m showing you my Spreepicky wishlist ^-^ This one is for winter items, in no particular order. Don’t know what to buy for this winter? Check these~ :DD (Click the [X] to go to the product’s page)


Mori cardigan

Mori style is not my favorite, but I really like this simple and long cardigan; it gives a relaxed and chill vibe (?). I love wearing baggy/long sweaters because I look smaller and I find that specially cute~ ;v; ♥ [X]

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