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TASTY PEACH STUDIOS: Review + 20% discount code (Sponsored)

Jello everyone~! I hope you’re doing great today! :DD I’ve been resting these days because of Easter holidays so I’m super good :33

Today I wanted to show you some stuff from Tasty Peach Studios! They sell super cute Japanese-inspired accesories, clothing, and even plushies and wigs! Their designs are original and their products, as I have seen myself, are of incredibly good quality. If you’re from the USA you’ve maybe seen Tasty Peach Studios at some anime convention.

tasty peach studios

Important info about this code at the end of the post. Read before using it! ^^

First things first, I want to thank them for being so kind and sending me these couple products ♡ And now I’ll show you! Here they are~~!

IMG_20160318_113552 IMG_20160318_114020

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